Psychedelic drugs are often used at parties and concerts to increase the fun.

It appears that these drugs may continue to have a positive impact even after the chemicals wear off, according to a study published this week. In past studies, psychedelic drugs have reduced anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder in a laboratory setting. To find out if this positive mood and mental health effects hold in the real world, the authors went to music festivals, where people using these drugs are most likely.

Psychedelic drugs, such as LSD or “magic mushrooms,” were found to make people feel more socially connected and happier even after they had worn off after talking with more than 1,200 people at half a dozen festivals, the researchers found. According to the researchers, these findings are consistent with previous laboratory research. They provide further evidence that psychedelic drugs can improve mood and perhaps treat mental illnesses.

In any event, we may be unable to tie the drugs together for such purposes for a while, if at all. According to Molly Crockett, PhD, the study’s senior author, researchers in the field of psychedelics are still in their infancy. In her view, more research is needed to realize the potential mood benefits of psychedelics, but our study adds to the growing body of evidence.

Crockett and her colleagues wanted to understand psychedelics’ “afterglow” so they could better understand what they can do after the drugs have worn off while the individual is still in the same environment. It was found that those who had taken drugs within the past 24 hours had a greater tendency to report “transformative experiences” in the recent past.

Other studies have surveyed people months or years after using drugs to understand how their moods have been affected by them months or years later. Crockett notes that these experiences were linked to feeling socially connected and cheerful. According to her, this is the first study to survey psychedelic users’ experiences immediately after using the drug.

In an interesting finding, the researchers found that people who used other drugs, drank alcohol, or abstained from alcohol at the festival did not report as many positive experiences, social connectedness, or transformative experiences. Crockett cautions that the study could not determine whether psychedelic use also had negative effects.

Psychedelics were not found to be associated with mental health problems in a 2013 study trusted Source. According to those researchers, magic mushrooms may have several psychological benefits for some people. Research has found them to lower mental health problems in several cases. In Crockett’s study, respondents were not asked about their mental health either now or in the past.

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