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How Arbitrage Entourage Adds Value


 All too often we find the marketplace is saturated with "Me Too" sellers. These are 3rd party sellers who piggyback off the hard work and reputation of established companies. They buy products, deliver no value, run the price into the ground, and then dump the product once it is no longer profitable. This vicious cycle leaves many companies with a bad taste in their mouth. It's no wonder why so many brand owner's don't want to do business with Amazon sellers.


Why we're different


 When we approach a brand we like to find out what their company goals are. This important first step allows us to determine if a partnership between us is a good fit (We understand our services aren't for everyone and our time is finite so we prefer to partner up with brands who see the value in working with us). Once we determine a partnership makes sense we then tailor a strategic plan on how we intend to increase exposure and take market share from competitors. Ask yourself, "How many of my current sellers are putting together a plan of action to grow my brand?". It's okay, we'll wait. When surveying brand owners most will say "none". As to be expected as this level of service requires time and effort, resources most sellers aren't willing to put in.

 Great! So how do we do it? Well, we start by analyzing the market and finding deficiencies where we can better serve customer needs. Once we identify on what these are we go to work. Examples of common deficiencies are images, keywords, sales copy, customer reviews, and customer service (there are much more but you get the point). In addition to optimizing listings for SEO and conversion we also run different marketing strategies such as aggressive PPC and international market expansion. We pride ourselves on delivering as much value as humanly possible and are always looking to better serve our partners. Can your other sellers say the same?



So, who are we not right for


Companies who don't really care about their Amazon/online presence - For one reason or another some companies don't bother investing in their online/Amazon presence, which, if you really think about should baffle anyone as a customer who shops on Amazon shouldn't be any less important than one who shops at a physical brick & mortar. One thing is for sure, as Amazon continues to grow, so will its customer base. The best time to start implementing an Amazon strategy was 10 years ago, but the next best time is now.

Companies who aren't limiting sellers - While we believe a little competition is healthy, we find saturating a product listing ruins the fun for everyone. Brand owner's who generally allow anyone to sell their product inevitably face many issues such as - M.A.P violations, price degradation, lack of control in their supply chain, and upset brick & mortar companies.


So, which brands are we right for


Brands with pricing issues - This includes MAP and other pricing problems such as price volatility. Many brands struggle with this due to a mass inflow of sellers and a lack of control in their supply chain. Think about it, the more sellers one has the more it begins too difficult to manage and control them all. Now, assuming you have agreements in place with your distributor, having 1 or 2 authorized sellers on Amazon will dramatically decrease or eliminate any problems a brand may encounter with MAP or price volatility while simultaneously increasing revenue (presuming these sellers are fully invested in your company). More sales split between less sellers almost always leads to more profits, more profits allow resellers to reinvest into growing the brand. Now, what about pricing issues that go beyond at a distribution level? Well, for this we suggest consulting an attorney (we have one who we love to recommend as they have worked miracles for other brand owner's in the past), but in a over simplistic manner, they will probably advise implementing a contractual agreement between you and your distributor(s) one that states any retailer should be properly vetted. A cheaper option we found is by issuing a specific lot number to each distributor in order to have any inventory being sold to be traced back the source.

Brand's who want professional representation -

You've poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your company. It's only right your brand shines online. In order to tap into Amazon's full potential you need sellers to care and be strategic. Someone who will do more than just post a picture and send in inventory. Ask yourself the following questions, how many of my current sellers have walked me through the brand registry process? If none, why not?

If so, have they helped build out a beautiful "Amazon Storefront"? How about my product listings? Are they all fully optimized and converting at their best? What about customer service? When a customer contacts a 3rd party seller, most of them do not know that they are not dealing with your brand directly. The way they are treated will impact how they perceive your company and your brand deserves professional representation.

Long-term partnerships - They say the only ship that doesn't sail is a partnership. As cheesy as it sounds, we love the idea and security of a stable business relationship. Delivering the most value is our mission and we firmly believe that if we always put our partner's interest first we'll be in business for many years to come!


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