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How Arbitrage Entourage Adds Value

All too often we find the marketplace is saturated with "Me Too" sellers. These are new 3rd party sellers who take an Amazon course, reach out to your brand, and ask some variation of can we sell your product online? While we agree that most brands should be online, we feel piggybacking off a brand's hard work and reputation isn't delivering any value. While there is a monetary exchange in selling your products wholesale, we feel this isn't considered "Value" as anyone with a few thousand dollars can do this. Instead, we believe in taking a more strategic approach in analyzing the marketplace (demand), improving the current offering (optimizing), and growth (advertising and international distribution). PSA - Stop selling to inexperienced 3rd party sellers who buy your products, deliver no value, run the price into the ground, and then dump your product once it is no longer profitable.

How we're different

When we approach a brand we like to do a bit of research (reading their website, speaking to their sales rep, etc) to find out what their company goals are. This first but important step allows us to determine if a partnership between us is a good fit. There's a saying "If you try to appeal to everyone, you won't appeal to anyone". We understand our services aren't for everyone and that's okay, our time is finite so we prefer to partner up with brands who see the value in working with us. Once we have determined if a partnership makes sense we then tailor a strategic plan on how we intend to increase exposure and take market share from your competitors. Ask yourself, "How many of my current sellers are putting together a plan of action to grow my brand?". It's okay, we'll wait. All jokes aside, when it comes to your brand, it's okay to be a little selfish. If your current partners aren't serving you or growing you then you really don't have anything to lose by exploring your options. Not surprisingly, upon surveying brand owners, most will say they have no idea if their current partners are reinvesting in growing their brand, which leads me back to my first question of what "Value" is being provided? We get it, adding value requires time and effort, resources most sellers aren't willing to put in.

Great! Enough with bashing our competitors. So, how do we do it? Well, we start by analyzing the market and finding deficiencies where we can better serve customer needs. Using our knowledge of the industry and state of the art software we identify what these are and we go to work. Some examples of common deficiencies are images, keywords, sales copy, customer reviews, and customer service (the list goes on but you get the point). In addition to optimizing listings for SEO and conversion, our partner agency that manages millions of dollars in ad spend is instructed to set up the latest and most effective marketing campaigns for your brand giving you access to the most cutting edge strategies. In addition, we have a team of compliance experts who are ready to assist with international market expansion. At Arbitrage Entourage we pride ourselves on delivering as much value as humanly possible and are always looking to better serve our partners. Can your current list of sellers say the same?

So, who are we not right for

Brands who do not see the value in investing in their online presence - At the time of this writing, the global pandemic has shut down a majority of brick & mortar businesses. Ecommerce companies are hitting record high sales numbers. No one predicted a virus would shut down the global economy but we, the team at Arbitrage Entourage, did predict more people would begin shopping more online. We were right despite the circumstances. Any company that is not actively pursuing an eCommerce strategy is leaving money on the table. Buyer behavior has already shifted and sites like Amazon are becoming increasingly dominant and convenient. The best time to start implementing an Amazon strategy was 15 years ago, but the next best time is now.

Companies who aren't limiting sellers - While we believe a little competition is healthy, we find saturating a product listing actually hurts the brand. Companies who generally allow anyone to sell their product inevitably face issues such as M.A.P violations, price/brand degradation, lack of control in their supply chain, and unhappy brick & mortar companies.

So, which brands are we right for

Brands with pricing issues - MAP violators and price volatility. These two issues can have a significant impact on the value of a brand. We believe this is due to a mass inflow of sellers and a lack of control in a company's supply chain. Think about it, the more sellers, the more difficult it begins to be to manage and control everyone. Now, assuming you have agreements in place with your distributor, having 1 or 2 authorized sellers on Amazon will dramatically decrease or eliminate any problems you may encounter with MAP or price volatility, while, simultaneously increasing revenue (presuming these sellers are fully invested in growing your company). More sales split between fewer sellers leads to more profits. More profits allow trusted sellers to reinvest comfortably into growing your brand while still maintaining a healthy profit margin. For pricing issues that go beyond a distribution level, we suggest consulting an attorney, Vorys is an excellent firm that specializes in eCommerce. We can help set up an introduction.

Brands who want professional representation -

You've poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your company. The last thing you want is someone misrepresenting your brand online. Amazon is a free market and if you don't take control of your brand's identity, someone else will. Although it may not seem like it at times, Amazon is trying to help small businesses succeed on their platform. In fact, they've invested billions with a "b" into tools that will help sellers better manage their brand's identity. Things such as Brand Registry, A+ Content, and many others a company with a registered trademark can take advantage of. Don't worry, we'll stay on top of all the latest changes so you don't have to!

Long-term partnerships - They say the only ship that doesn't sail is a partnership. As cheesy as it sounds, great partnerships are vital to us and can be considered the foundation of our business. Simply put, without you, there would be no us! If you're still reading, I wanted to thank you for your time and I hope we can serve you one day!